The Physics Police

The Physics Police

Thursday, June 27, 2013

GMO Pig Stomachs

Bad science is actually quite uncommon. I browse through dozens of new papers each week. That's why, even though I post about bad science a lot, reading it still shocks me. It's shocking because the authors think know they can get away with it. Nobody reads the study.

Instead, people read headlines like GMO feed turns pig stomachs to mush and get scared. They post hateful, ignorant comments along with these news articles. They share the links on Facebook, where group think deepens hatred towards the out-group of scientists, and reinforces fear of an imagined conspiracy of greed to make people sick.

The statistical rebuttal to this pig paper has already been done. Go check out what Weed Control Freaks, Random Rationality, Farm Progress, Mark Lynas, and The Progessive Contrarian have to say.

The bottom line is, no statistical significance. It's more fake science.

But wait, there's more!

Do you remember Howard Vlieger, from my post titled Don't Eat Soil? This guy spoke out against GMO. He also said:
[GMO] is causing a tremendous disruption, and a wide array of digestive problems.
He couldn't be more biased, right?

Well, he's the 2nd name on the pig paper, and the farmer who's pigs were studied, on his own farm.

Yes, this kind of stuff still shocks me...

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