The Physics Police

The Physics Police

Sunday, April 7, 2013


Because he hates me, a friend sent me this video about Homeopathy with Dr. Werner. In the first minute of speaking, she claims:
The whole universal mass can be consolidated down into the size of a bowling ball.
The diameter of a bowling ball is 21.8 cm. The most compact configuration of matter is a black hole. The Schwarzschild radius defines the size of the black hole. Using some basic algebra, we can find the mass of a bowling-ball sized black hole:

m = (radius) * (c2/2G)
  = (21.8 cm / 2) * (6.73 * 1026 kg / m)
  = 7.34 * 1025 kilograms

That's just a little bit less than the mass of the planet Uranus. Last time I checked, the universe is a whole lot bigger than Uranus! (Get it? Bigger than your anus?) It's not worth addressing any of the other nonsense in the video, but I found that calculation interesting, and worth sharing.

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